“…A metaphysical constant of the world. The Genesis of Fire is between two dimensions. It is a spark of life – everything comes with it, and goes with it...”

This element is carrying the genes of all matter in the Universe. Every star, every planet, every civilization that ever existed was built on fire and ash. Ezofication set ablaze this primeval spark of life in the wood, merging the supremacy of Fire with a Bass guitar. The body of this instrument was forged in the inferno of blazing energy, tamed with the metaphysical hammer of the Universe. Activation and ignition of the instrument provokes the spreading of fire in a form of bass sound heat. Layered volume of Fire can go from pleasantly warm to extremely hot. At the peak of its power the bass of Fire is a magnificent inferno of passion, radiating the heat and luciferin.

Exclusive unique collector's art piece

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Body: Alder/Flame Mazer Top
Body finish: Blow Torched/Gem Enriched
Neck: Wenge
Neck finish: Blow Torched
Neck profile: U shape
Neck length: 35"
Fingerboard: Wenge
Fingerboard radius: 12"
Fret size: Dunlop Jumbo 6100
Nut material: Bone
Ezo duration: 360 days
Type of Ezofication: Dry
Bridge pickup:Seymour Duncan NYC Bass Bridge
Neck pickup:Seymour Duncan NYC Bass Neck
Controls:Volume control
Configuration:HH (split)
Bridge:Schaller Bass Bridge 2000 4 Blk
Hardware finish:Burnt / Painted
Switch:3-Way Switch x 1, 2-Way Switch x 2
Tuning machine:Sperzel Trim Lock bass
Strap lock:Shaller Security Lock BLK
Guitar belt:Custom Leather Belt