What is art? The most curious, unusual and breathtaking combination of flaws made by human beings. It is an imitation of nature's ways where everything is built on flaws and in apparent disarray yet still in perfect conflicting order. Where do these flaws come from? Do they come straight from nature or are they a part of our own creation? The ability to see order and beauty in flaws comes from nature, much like us. And we would really like to replicate the effect by creating new ones.

Everyone is an artist. Everyone is "painting" their lives, everyday. The way you paint builds an emotional response in the environment. Your life is a canvas and your steps, moves and decisions are colors. During your lifetime you are constantly creating and working on the most important artwork called "My Life". The end result of that creation will either be something worthy of displaying in a museum, or promptly forgotten.

Still, human Art has a certain criteria. What Papian Ezo is trying to accomplish is expand the criteria by integrating new, metaphysical flaws. The result of such creation is called Ezo Art. First flash of that art are Sound Sculptures. Musical instrument in shape with alchemical sound - a sculpture and painting at the same time. A difficult combination indeed where one element impacts another. Ezo Art allows the artist to peek into the unknown, where human perception is mixed with a thrilling element of metaphysics.

About the Artist

Ruben Papian is an esotericist, para-scientist and artist specialized in subjects such as metaphysics, parapsychology, spirituality and abstract expressionism. He spent most of his life studying energy, human consciousness and concepts beyond the veil of science, all the while fixated on adding depth and new dimension to his great passion - art... Having conquered the elusive world of esotery and metaphysics, Ruben integrated his life-long work with alcemical art - the unison, which gave birth to Ezofication phenomenon. In layman terms it is crystalized energy that changes the structure of matter giving it the ability to be revitalized, preserved and enhanced. Using Ezofied matter during conception of artworks widens their potential and adds an otherworldly dimension that expands the reach of human creation. Such art, Ezo Art, allows the artist to peek into the unknown, where human perception is mixed with a thrilling element of metaphysics.

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