“…Earth is the canvas for the Nature. Incubator of life. The body of the planet. Its slightest movement changes everything and creates new life forms...”

Element Earth doesn’t hide; it is pure matter - strength and endurance incarnate. Its existence is rounded with a sharp magnetic serpent and its presence felt across the deep space.Ripped straight from the molten heavy core, this instrument is a monument to Earth itself. It is a mountain of sound, a rooted hilltop with a gaping mine where the one can endlessly dig for creativity and inspiration.Earth’s voice is deep, commanding and droning. As rich soil, it produces voluminous vibrations full of tone minerals and like magnetic field it spreads far. Its power is molded like clay, from lightness of dust to hardness of rock. But when it’s fully woken up, this fragment of Earth will shake the ground as an Earthquake, will pierce concrete and stone, body and soul to rock and roll.

Exclusive unique collector's art piece

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Body: Alder/Curly Mazer Top
Body finish: Gloss Acrylic/Woodcut/Gem Enriched
Neck: Walnut
Neck finish: Gloss Acrylic
Neck profile: U to C shape
Neck length: 35"
Fingerboard: Walnut
Fingerboard radius: 16"
Fret size: Dunlop Jumbo 6100
Nut material: Bone
Ezo duration: 360 days
Type of Ezofication: Dry
Bridge pickup: Seymour Duncan NYC Bass Bridge
Neck pickup:Seymour Duncan NYC Bass Neck
Controls:Volume control
Configuration:HH (split)
Bridge:Bass Bridge 2000 5 Black Chrome
Hardware finish:Burnt / Painted
Switch:3-Way Switch x 1, 2-Way Switch x 2
Tuning machine:Sperzel Trim Lock bass
Strap lock:Shaller Security Lock BLK
Guitar belt:Custom Leather Belt