A guitar is supposed to be a just a tool that, with the help of its properties and unique attributes, passes the emotional expression of the great guitar player to the ears of his listeners. And yet the emotions are appearing and forming in your body and it is not possible to put strings directly onto yourself and cut out the middleman. But what became possible is to put a spirit of your body into the guitar. It is pure majestic alchemy, after which the material portrait of the great guitar player is the guitar itself with his personality and emotions already harvested in it. It’s tuned up and in perfect sync with its owner. Embrace it and express yourself just the way you feel, because you and the guitar are one and the same. The DNA of the wood from which the guitar is made is as alive as your flesh and bone. With unique EZO artistic approach, they join each other and a part of your spirit is revitalizing the wood, shaping it the way you are and giving it new, fresh life. It starts to breathe, feel and behave in perfect unison with you. And even when the time comes for you to leave this world behind, your Bloodprint guitar remains and, by all means, truly… …the Legend never dies!

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