“Remember 1969? 400.000 people came together to embrace freedom. I am one of them, full of dreams, hope and mixed ALCOHOL. We were all praying for one thing – infinite life with no limits and rules. Trying to imagine an unimaginable influenced by hallucinogen colors of magic pills - LSD. I am afraid of DEATH. Yet, with the fear... waiting for it. Will I lose my FREEDOM then, or I will finally reach it? What the hell, I’ll see when the time comes. Until then, I am still alive! Full of PASSION, enjoying the flowers of life – gals! By the way, how long will that last? Will I remain the same when I am an ELDER? Will my guitar sound the same when I am old?... Oh what the f@#%... it’s time to get on stage.

Hey, crowd, here I come!”

A contemporary collection enriched with spectral Ezo oils, paying tribute to the legendary year of 1969. Its ghost is represented in the guitar form of six unrepeatable sound sculptures: Elder, Alcohol, LSD, Passion, Freedom and Death. These major values of that era’s youth seep from the artworks into the real world, continuing the legacy of bygone times. Nostalgia beware, the Ghost of 1969 is alive! Every sculpture is energy crystallized.

Ghosts catalogue