…“I’m a descendant of giants that walked the Earth millions of years ago. A cold blooded reptile with extraordinary jaw strength. I am a living fear of every breathing creature...”

The water where this predator lurked about, stalked its prey and clapped its jaws with incredible force was used for the Ezofication of this guitar’s wood. Alligator is able to crack a turtle shell with ease, as does this guitar with its high gain, beefy low ends and sharp trebles. ‘gators may roar so loud that it can be heard miles away. Two powerful humbuckers with their secret weapon, a battery-powered Blackout dual preamp, push the sound to the limits of hissing aggression that spreads for miles. This guitar can fool by its calmness and beauty, like its floating and drifting motionless under the sun. But when it’s plugged in, it snatches and attacks with speed of light in a blink of an eye. From then on, everything is Prey!

Youtube: Lucifer (Alligator)

Exclusive unique collector's art piece

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Body: Alder/Zebrano TopAlder/Zebrano Top
Body finish: Satin Acrylic
Neck: Maple
Neck finish: Satin Acrylic
Neck profile: D shape
Neck length: 25"
Fingerboard: Rosewood
Fingerboard radius: 12"
Fret size: Dunlop Medium
Nut material: Bone
Ezo duration: 178 days/6 months
Type of Ezofication: Wet
Bridge pickup:Seymour Duncan Gus G Fire Blackout - set with preamps
Neck pickup:Seymour Duncan Gus G Fire Blackout - set with preamps
Controls:Volume and tone control
Bridge:Schaller GTH B Hannes
Hardware finish:Black Chrome
Switch:Goldo 3 way switch
Tuning machine:Sperzel trimlock
Strap lock:Schaller security lock
Guitar belt:Custom Leather/Fur Belt