...“I am highly vocal and my howling sends chills down the spine. The freezing arctic climate is where I live. My body is built for stamina. Social. My pack is my creed...”

Custom finish of this guitar expresses the nature of this stunning animal; its sharp teeth, inquiring eyes and high intelligence. Choir of a wolf pack howling was recorded and applied throughout Ezofication. This authentic sound was preserved in the wood and absorbed by the core of this instrument. What this guitar offers is unrivaled tonal variety – hair-raising blues, spine chilling soft rock and heart pounding hard rock. Like a howl of a wolf, its sound permeates and reflects long after. This is indisputably the Alpha rock guitar where extreme quality, tuning stability and overall impression are calling to howl with it.

Youtube: The Sun (White Wolf)

Exclusive unique collector's art piece

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Body: Alder/Flame Maple Top
Body finish: Gloss Acrylic
Neck: Mahogany
Neck finish: Gloss Acrylic
Neck profile: U shape
Neck length: 25"
Fingerboard: Rosewood
Fingerboard radius: 16"
Fret size: Dunlop Medium
Nut material: Bone
Ezo duration: 178 days/6 months
Type of Ezofication: Wet
Bridge pickup: Seymour Duncan SHPR1S prail + STK-S7 Vintage
Neck pickup: Seymour Duncan SHPR1S prail + STK-S7 Vintage
Controls: 2 volume and 1 push/pull tone control
Configuration: HH
Bridge: Schaller Tremolo 200
Hardware finish: Chrome Satin Pearl
Switch: Göldo 3 Way switch
Tuning machine: Schaller Machine Head M6
Strap lock: Schaller security lock
Guitar belt: Custom Leather/Fur Belt