Welcome to the Papian Ezo dimension of contemporary artistry and sound sculptures. Ezo dimension is a place where the space turns into a canvas and time is the brush. Such merger becomes an infinite creativity source where the artist transforms into a portal between the real world and the Ezo dimension, and the outcome is artwork displayed on this site. Sound sculptures may look like guitars but they are in many ways alive, their voices more than real and metaphysical at the same time.

The core of Papian Ezo Art is meta-physical phenomenons. Crystalized energy adds a new dimension to matter. It is a thin surpassing layer in the spectrum that people recognize as feelings. Ezo matter becomes as alive as we are. It “feels” us the way we feel it and art becomes interrelated. Crystalized energy opens the door to the art core and we can step into the artwork.



Animals. Free spirits. Children of Mother Nature. They do what they feel like doing, and they feel what is there to be felt. They have no limitations and are not held back by anything. It is all about instinct and intent. They will not bend to the will of another; it is others who need to respect their wild nature. That is the way the sound sculptures of this collection are behaving.


Nine animal spirits are held inside the Animals collection sound sculptures. These magnificent beasts represent a unison of contemporary design, incredible voice and unbelievable emotional capabilities. They are pack leaders, alpha predators, the top of the resonating food chain. The body of each instrument has traveled through dimensions, being Ezofied and crystallized, reborn back again, given shape and distinct character.


EARTH / WATER / AIR / FIRE. They are muscles, bones, nerves and blood of Mother Nature. Individually, they are each a force of creation and evolution existing beyond the veil of consciousness. Combined together, they become a door to an unreal reality!


The Elements erect the space with their voices, and their powers open tears between dimensions from which unimaginable creativity pours in. These sound sculptures in bass guitar form are made out of primeval fragments of the Cosmos, emitting conflux of vibrations only previously known to the ethereal core of the Universe.


Remember 1969? 400 000 people came together to embrace FREEDOM. I am one of them, trying to imagine the unimaginable influenced by hallucinogen colors of LSD and liquid flavor of ALCOHOL. Our collective thoughts are rushing and touching ideas like our fear of DEATH, the warm and sensual PASSION we all share, the great beyond where we are ELDERs... Oh what the f@#%... the show is about to begin!


A contemporary collection paying tribute to the legendary year of 1969. The memory of it is represented in the ghost-guitar form of six unrepeatable sound sculptures: Elder, Alcohol, LSD, Passion, Freedom and Death. These major values of that era’s youth seep from the artworks into the real world, continuing the legacy of bygone times. Each ghost tells its own story; reveals the secrets and memories captures in their guitar bodies. All of them together create The Ghost of 1969.


Risen from the scientific dungeon studio of unorthodox alchemist, Bloodprint is a true monster guitar. Its body is made out of selected materials esoterically stitched together and its core is enriched with the alchemical mixture that runs through its wooden veins and defines it – it’s masters blood.


Bloodprint is an ultimate custom instrument that bears a unique mark. The tone and color of its voice, intensity, intention and emotions behind it, all depend on the genetic memory embedded at its heart. It serves, lives, bleeds, sings and represents its master, serving as an extension of his or her artistic expressionism. Every Bloodprint is unique and there will only, ever, exist one of a kind.